How do I donate?



Who is managing the fund?

All donations go directly to Give Them A Break’s (GTAB) charity partner, the Family Holiday Association, (registered charity number 800262) who will help us allocate holidays to those key workers and families most in need, when travel restrictions ease. 

The Family Holiday Association (FHA) is the leading UK charity dedicated to providing UK breaks and day trips for families struggling with some of the toughest challenges life can bring. The FHA was founded 45 years ago on the belief that holidays are a lifeline not a luxury and the charity’s work results in stronger, healthier and happier families and communities. In 2019, the FHA helped 4,821 families access a break – 10,641 children and 7,836 adults. 


Where does my money go when I have contributed to the fund?

All donations collected through the Give Them A Break campaign are to be used specifically for low income key workers and their families. We want to capture the spirit that motivated us to Clap for Carers every Thursday night and turn it into something with real practical value to thank those who have kept the country running through the Covid crisis.  


Who is defined as a key worker?

The UK government has identified workers who are critical to the coronavirus response, and whose children can be prioritised for education provision. It includes those who work in the sectors below:

  • NHS staff
  • Social care workers
  • Delivery workers
  • Supermarket workers
  • Firefighters
  • Transport workers
  • Schools and nursery staff
  • Army and Ministry of Defence staff
  • Police officers
  • Court staff
  • Religious staff
  • Journalists
  • Some, not all Government staff
  • Prison and probation officers
  • Infrastructure workers (e.g gas, electric)

The full Government list of key workers is available here.

Some offers are open to all key workers, some to NHS or ‘Blue Light’ staff only.  The free UK holidays allocated by the Family Holiday Association will be open to all key workers on the Government list, but will be allocated according to income and need. 


Do I qualify for a  free UK holiday? What is the criteria?

Once holidays in the UK are able to resume we’ll be working with the Family Holiday Association to draw up a eligibility criteria and will add a link for booking the free holidays to our website. Whilst we would love to give a free holiday to everyone, who deserves one  we are reliant on the success of our public fundraising campaign and support from travel businesses . The travel industry like many others, has been impacted during the crisis and those companies working with us, do so at a time when they are also acutely aware of the pressures of getting the economy and our way of life back in place. The companies we partner with are recognised and responsible travel companies and attractions operators who are providing free or discounted holiday options to support the Give Them a Break initiative and thank as many of our key workers as we collectively can.


Why is the campaign aimed at key workers, not just NHS staff?

The term key worker covers a broad spectrum of roles in our community. Their unerring support and care during this time is difficult to put into words. This is why the Clap for Carers so resonated with so many of us.

We will all have a different story to tell about how this crisis has affected us. The memories of what they’ve seen and experienced will live long in the hearts and minds of many of our valued key workers. It’s important to recognise the physical and mental strain this has had on them in particular and will in many cases continue to be felt in the months and years to come.

Recognising tiredness, fear, depression, anxiety and sadness enables us to process what has happened to us and builds our resilience to move forward. Our key workers are modern day heroes but we also need to give them the opportunity to recharge their batteries, put things in perspective and create new memories to take them forward into the future. Give them a Break is about recognising the work they have done at this time and will continue to do in the future and providing the means through holidays and quality down time which provides a lasting legacy of thanks to key workers and their families. 


How do I book my holiday?

Give Them A Break have teamed up with the travel industry to provide two types of holiday offer for key workers.

  1. All public and company donations are sent directly to the Family Holiday Association (a UK registered charity), who will allocate free holidays to low income key workers most in need. To find out more about eligibility and how to book, please visit their website www.familyholidayassociation.org.uk/
  2. We have collated a directory of discounted holiday and attraction tickets, displayed on the GTAB website under the ‘Holidays for key workers’ page. To book, you will need to click the ‘browse and book’ button or call the number specified to contact the holiday or ticket provider directly to book. 

The Government easing of lockdown restrictions and travel guidance will be the reference point used to determine when breaks can be taken and attraction tickets used.


Who can holiday with me? 

Discount offer bookings can be made by key workers only, in line with the conditions stipulated on the website of the company providing the offer. Holidays booked through the FHA can be accessed by key worker families only.  


Who do I call if I have questions about my holiday?

You should call the company you are interested in travelling with or you have confirmed your holiday with if you have any queries relating to your holiday. GTAB can take no responsibility for the fulfillment of, or satisfaction with holidays provided by our partners. Any concerns or complaints regarding holidays booked, will need to be raised with them directly. 


Who is behind Give Them a Break?

GTAB is the brainchild of sustainable tourism expert, Rachel McCaffery. It is a not-for-profit collaboration between a group of travel industry professionals (all working for nothing more than the desire to give something back) and the Family Holiday Association.   Between them the group have many years experience and hundreds of contacts in travel and have drawn heavily on these to develop the campaign and galvanise travel partners and the public behind it. 


Who do I contact if I want to know more about getting involved?

Any tourism businesses operating in the UK or overseas wanting to support Give Them A Break can reach the team at partners@givethemabreak.org.



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