No one will deserve a holiday more than the hardworking key workers risking their lives

during the coronavirus pandemic to keep the country running. Let’s Give Them A Break.


With your help, Give Them A Break is raising funds to treat low-income key workers to 10,000 free holidays and days out in partnership with UK charity the Family Holiday Association. On top of that, we’re also bringing the UK travel industry together to offer a wide range of holiday deals, discounts and giveaways from some of the UK’s best-loved brands to say a heartfelt thank you to the nation’s key workers. From the outset, Give Them A Break has been focused on supporting all key workers with more affordable breaks, from care workers to delivery drivers, NHS workers to refuse collectors. If you’re a key worker, apply for a holiday through the Family Holiday Association or check out the latest holiday deals for key workers.


Give Them A Break is a not-for-profit initiative set up by a small group of volunteers from the travel industry wanting to give something back to key workers. Founded by Rachel McCaffrey, Director of GreenCase Consulting, a group of travel industry experts quickly joined forces driven by the collective desire to see travel used as a force for good to reward hard working key workers. We couldn’t do this without our charity partner, the Family Holiday Association, and the generosity of our industry partners in travel and leisure.


Your donation – however small – helps give low-income key workers most in need a well-earned break. Every pound donated goes straight to the Family Holiday Association, a UK registered charity (England & Wales: 800262; Scotland: SC048203), providing UK-based holidays and days out that low-income key workers would otherwise struggle to afford. 

The Family Holiday Association has supported families in tough circumstances struggling to get a break for the last 45 years. The average cost of a week’s caravan holiday for a family of four is £500, so the more we can raise the more key workers we can reward. Holidays will be allocated in line with Government guidelines on when it is safe to do so. Show your thanks to our key workers and donate now.

Give Them a Break is a national campaign giving the public and the travel industry a way to thank keyworkers with holidays and days out


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