Nicola Logan, staff nurse in a Glasgow care home

Care home workers have been at the sharp end of the Covid-19 crisis, as they work hard to shield some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Nicola Logan, 46, is a staff nurse at a care home in Glasgow. Her role is to manage the team, monitor the residents’ health, administer medication and, particularly in recent times, ensure the care home is following the Scottish government’s guidance on infection control. 

The care home acted quickly when the scale of the virus became clear, closing its doors to all visitors and creating a separate unit for any residents showing symptoms of Covid-19. Luckily, they have managed to avoid any positive cases. 

“We had to let families know they couldn’t come in to see the residents, and that’s been hard on everyone. We have to work extra hard to keep people’s spirits up,” said Nicola. 

The care home has received amazing support from the local community.  “People have been really kind in the community. We’ve had beautiful hand made masks, visors made from 3D printers and scrubs donated, everyone has been so nice. That’s the one positive thing from all this.”

Despite the challenges, Nicola said the staff have been “absolutely amazing”.

“At the beginning, we didn’t really know what was happening. We tried to stay upbeat but it was difficult not to know what we were going into. I was scared for the residents and the staff, but it was important to stay positive and lead the team. They’ve all been amazing, from housekeeping to carers to the kitchen staff.” 

The pandemic has impacted Nicola’s personal life as well as professional – she had planned to get married to her fiancé Ben in March and travel to Tenerife for her honeymoon. 

“We realised that we had to call it off –  there was no way we could have gone ahead. I had wee cry on the weekend it should have happened, but the next day I was ok.  It’s only one day and it’s more important that everyone is safe and healthy.”

She added: “It would mean the world to get away on holiday after all of this – it would be fabulous.” 

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