“I couldn’t be more proud” – Mother and daughter nurses Lynn and Lucy on caring for patients during the pandemic

While most of us read about the impact of coronavirus from the comfort of home, mum and daughter Lynn and Lucy from Salford are on the frontline of the UK’s fight against the pandemic. 

Lynn (52) is normally in charge of maintaining quality standards of patient care for a group of NHS Trusts. However, when the virus broke out, she took on the vital role of ensuring medical staff were appropriately fitted out with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

“It was an anxious time for many,” she said. “There were so many headlines about PPE shortages and the staff were desperate to do the right thing. People were very worried they wouldn’t be able to get PPE, but thankfully ours was a success story.”

Lynn’s daughter Lucy (24), who followed in her mum’s footsteps to qualify as a nurse last year, had been working in the Emergency Assessment Unit of a Salford hospital. But when volunteers were needed to care for Covid-19 patients in ICU, she was among the first to put up her hand. 

Lynn said: “I was filled with pride but also dread. She’s had to deal with things that are beyond my experience, but she’s come through it and I couldn’t be more proud.”

For Lucy, moving to ICU was a step into the unknown, but she was determined to play her part. 

“Because Covid-19 is such a new virus, I’d learn something new about what I should be doing each day. I was completely out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to put my best foot forward,” she said. 

Due to the amount of protective gear required, there were challenges for the nurses in providing patients fighting the disease with the comfort they needed. 

“With all the PPE equipment, patients could only see our eyes, so it was harder to provide the reassurance that we wanted to.  You couldn’t just pop your head round the door like you normally would.  It was emotionally difficult.”

The support of her colleagues was vital in helping her through.  

“You know someone else is going through it with you. I feel very lucky to have such a supportive team around me. I always leave work feeling like I can take on another day.”

When it’s possible to travel again, for Lucy and Lynn a holiday will be a welcome chance to relax and reconnect as a family.

Lucy said: “Many nurses have had to cancel their holidays and I had planned to visit Vietnam in June. Holidays are what so many people work towards and that’s been taken away now. Just to be able to switch off and sit in the sun would be amazing.”

If you'd like to help key workers like Lucy and Lynn have a well earned break, please donate to our Give Them a Break fund.


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